Rev. Kevin M. Steele

In 2018, one of my dearest friends, Tara, called and announced her engagement to her now husband Garrick and had a question for me. Did I want to be a bridesmaid or the officiant at her wedding? I contemplated how my broad shoulders would look in a bridesmaid dress and decided that the amount of waxing required would be too much.  Officiant it would be! I am an educator and a public speaker, so standing in front of a room full of their loved ones, mostly strangers to me, would be a piece of cake and I could wear sensible shoes!

In 2019, I performed their ceremony and got them hitched! In doing so, I realized that many couples want non-traditional ceremonies and most ministers have some hangups about performing them. So, here I am offering my services! I am fully inclusive of all types of couples, themes, ideas, and whatever you can dream up! If you have any questions or think something is too crazy...contact me and I bet we can figure something out!